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Chromecast adds Fox, CBS, and other new streaming apps

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A few big new apps are adding support for the Chromecast. Google announced today that CBS All Access, Fox Now, FX Now, and HGTV have gained Chromecast support, making it easy for owners of the $35 device to stream video from those apps to their TV.

Possibly the most interesting addition is CBS All Access, a stand-alone subscription service that allows cord-cutters to stream the channel live and access a lot of its back catalog. The other apps, from Fox, FX, and HGTV, require that you be a cable subscribe in order to watch. Pluto TV and Haystack, a news app, are also announcing Chromecast support today. Chromecast already has a large number of apps, but ultimately it's the big names that count. It's already had support from Netflix, HBO, ABC, and ESPN, but adding names like Fox and CBS begin to fill in some important missing gaps.