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Samantha Bee is 'kind of done with sausages' in the first teaser for her new show

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Samantha Bee, The Daily Show's longest-running correspondent, is about to launch her own satirical news show for TBS — and yes, she's fully aware there's something of a gender imbalance in the late night landscape. In her first teaser for the still-untitled show, Bee is at an art gallery of sorts being offered various kinds of sausage — "mild, extra mild... I hear really good things about that English banger" — before she decides she is "kind of done with sausages."

It's not subtle, but it's a very good point. Bee will be one of very few females to ever host her own late night talk show (Longtime E! network star Chelsea Handler doesn't move to Netflix until 2016). Both Bee and her husband, former Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones, left the fake news show soon after Jon Stewart announced his departure (he will be replaced by Trevor Noah). Jones will be working on a scripted comedy for TBS; the couple will executive produce both shows. No word yet on when Bee's show will debut.