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Samsung Wallet gives way to Samsung Pay

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Samsung is planning to discontinue its Wallet service at the end of next month. In an email, obtained by SamMobile, to current Samsung Wallet users, the company says it’s killing off the service on June 30th with no explanation for the discontinuation. Coupons clipped in Samsung Wallet will no longer function after June 30th, and any tickets and reservations stored in the service will be accessible from existing partner apps.

Samsung’s Wallet service was originally introduced as a central hub to store coupons, membership cards, flight boarding passes, and mobile payment services. Samsung partnered with Expedia, American Express, Walgreens, United Airlines, and other companies to integrate apps and services into Samsung Wallet. Apple’s Passbook is very similar to Samsung Wallet, and now Samsung is turning its attention towards its Samsung Pay system. Just like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay allow retailers to process mobile payments with credit card readers so you can pay for items with just your phone.