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Tesla can now sell cars directly to people in Maryland

Tesla can now sell cars directly to people in Maryland

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Tesla can now make direct sales of its electric vehicles in Maryland, thanks to a new bill signed by Governor Larry Hogan this week. It's the latest win for the company, as more and more states agree to allow Tesla stores to open.

The bill appears to be written specifically for Tesla

The bill, which Maryland lawmakers passed last month, even appears to be specifically written for Tesla, stating that sales are allowed only if the "manufacturer or distributor deals only in electric or non-fossil-fuel-burning vehicles." Tesla will only be allowed to open four locations in Maryland, however, though that's a familiar limit that's also imposed by other states.

The trend of state governments allowing Tesla to set up shop is starting to heat up. While the carmaker was recently blocked in West Virginia, New Jersey made a stunning reversal on its ban on Tesla direct sales in March. New Jersey is the fourth-largest market for luxury cars in the country, making the decision to lift the ban a huge victory for Elon Musk's company. Now, with Maryland on board, Tesla can sell cars directly to consumers in 26 states. Now it's just 24 to go.