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Hulu picks up The Mindy Project after Fox cancellation

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Streaming services continue to be the saviors of shows that were cancelled too soon, and Hulu is the latest to extend the life of a big name. Hulu announced this morning that it's giving The Mindy Project a fourth, 26-episode season, saving it from Fox's cancellation. That makes the series one of Hulu's most prominent titles, especially when it comes to originals, where the streaming service hasn't kept up with the likes of Netflix and Amazon. Mindy Kaling is a growing name in TV comedy, and it's a great move by Hulu to get her on board.

The Mindy Project is already a Hulu streaming exclusive, so the site will be able to let its subscribers catch up on the entire series — something that Yahoo can't do with its revival of Community. Though it isn't specific, Hulu says that the series has been a "top show" on the site ever since it started running in 2012. A premiere date hasn't been announced yet for the new season.