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I was recognized in New York City for the first time while I was on Periscope

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What are the chances?

I'm a big fan of Periscope. I use it almost every day to talk with strangers about anything and everything: my Apple Watch, my roommate's dog Milo, my life in New York.

Yesterday, while waiting for a friend outside Penn Station, I was Periscoping — talking to the camera and answering questions as usual — when someone in the stream asked, "Have people on the street recognized you from Periscope?" I responded with a hasty "no," but then, for whatever reason, I spotted someone with a self-balancing unicycle.

"This guy's got an SBU," I exclaimed to the 190 live viewers. And that's when it happened. "You're from The Verge!" he shouted back. To be fair, I was wearing a shirt that said "The Verge" across my chest. My new friend Patrick had seen me in the video we created about the self-balancing unicycle he was wielding.

I have to ask — what are the chances that at the exact moment someone in Periscope asked if I'd ever been recognized before, I'm recognized right then? Pretty low, I'd say.

The universe works in interesting ways.