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David Lynch will direct the Twin Peaks revival after all

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The rumors are not what they seem

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Hey, remember that time David Lynch said he wouldn't be directing Showtime's Twin Peaks revival? Ignore that. He's back in. Originally Lynch decided to leave the miniseries reboot because the network wasn't giving him enough money, but it appears those issues have been resolved, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

After Lynch announced he was leaving the project last month, former cast members like Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer / Maddy Ferguson), Mädchen Amick (Shelley Johnson), and Catherine Coulson (The Log Lady) made a video attempting to describe how Twin Peaks would feel with no David Lynch. Answer: not good.

Lynch and Mark Frost have written nine episodes so far, but Showtime says the series will now run longer than those nine episodes, THR reports. Now that that's been cleared up, the only thing left to confuse, scare, and excite audiences is the show itself.