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Cubes of fruits, vegetables, and meats will make you see food in a new light

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Lernert and Sander

The foods we eat come in all shapes and sizes, but something beautiful happens if you cut it all down to size — literally. Design studio Lernert & Sander did just that to make the remarkable piece of art above, which was commissioned by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant last year for a feature on the nation's eating habits.

The same, but different

The very act of cutting each food from corn and salmon to cauliflower and kiwi into 2.5 centimeter cubes shows just how unique nature can be. By attempting to force nature to conform, the differences between each fruit, vegetable, and slab of meat becomes even more apparent (and beautiful).

Part of what makes the piece so effective is that each cube is equidistant from the camera, putting each food on equal footing. The feat is a physical impossibility, but with digital editing the designers were able to make it a reality. After cutting each food (98 in total) into cubes with a custom-designed tool, the designers tell The Creators Project, each row was photographed separately and later composited together. The results are brilliant, and you can buy a limited edition print (out of 50) for around €500 if you're particularly taken with the piece.