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The Click Wheel keyboard makes it impossible to type on your iPhone

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Do you pine for a simpler time, when your phone was for phone calls, your iPod was for music, and watches were... well, watches? If so, have I got the app for you. Just in time for your weekly dose of nostalgia, developer Adam Bell has released his groundbreaking (and free) Click Wheel keyboard on the App Store. The third-party iOS keyboard brings the past to life, and is complete with authentic iPod scrolling sounds. Fancy. Now you, too, can scroll through one letter at a time as you compose your next great tweet. Even better, the keyboard includes all of those hundreds of emoji included in iOS 8.3. Just keep on scrolling, you'll find those dancing sisters eventually.

click wheel keyboard gif

Note: I actually have no idea how you type a space or a capital letter with this thing. (Update: a commenter notes that you can tap the cardinal directions to move the cursor, add a space, and type capitals).

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