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Plex coming to TiVo on June 8th

Plex coming to TiVo on June 8th

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If you're a cable devotee, a TiVo remains one of the best options around. But while the DVR is great at supplementing your channel lineup with online streaming options, it isn't very good at playing videos stored on your local network. That will soon change, however, as the TiVo Roamio (and likely the Premiere, too) are getting their very own Plex app on June 8th.

Plex, if you're not familiar, is a slick, free option for playing videos, pictures, and music stored a networked computer across your home (an optional premium subscription offers more features). Its apps span all sorts of home theater platforms, from Xbox and Playstation consoles to Rokus, Chromecasts, and myriad smart TVs.

TiVo is getting some much-needed support for local streaming

As first reported by home theater blogger David Zatz, the TiVo app will merely be a warmed-over version of those smart TV apps, the likes of which are found on some Sony, Vizio, and LG TVs. It will be an Opera TV web app that, at least at launch, will only offer 720p streaming. In addition, it likely will not integrate with TiVo's excellent universal search.

A TiVo representative has confirmed that a Plex app is on the way, and notes that the company has "worked with Plex on a specific version specially qualified for TiVo." While the app is built off of Opera's web app service, the app is getting special treatment and will show in TiVo Central under "Music & Photos." Thankfully, you won't have to get a $4.99-per-month PlexPass to play — the app will be free for all TiVo owners. In all, it's certainly not everything we've been waiting for, but it's a good start.

Correction: Updated with comment from a TiVo representative confirming that a PlexPass subscription will not be necessary to use the app, and additional details on how the app will appear in the TiVo UI.