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Here's a brief and grisly look at the next Doom

Here's a brief and grisly look at the next Doom

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The next Doom game has been a long time coming — and next month at E3, developer Id Software will be showing off the gameplay. To tide us over in the interim, Id and publisher Bethesda have released a short teaser with two very brief vignettes. It does have everything you need to make a Doom title, however: there's a demon, and there's a gun.

To be specific, the demon is the Revenant, an enemy that first debuted in 1994's Doom 2 and again in Doom 3. Here he / she / it is now:

And now for comparison, here's the Revenant from Doom 2, Doom 3, and the new Doom.

The other tease is what looks to be the super shotgun, which again was first seen in Doom 2. Enjoy this one in slow(er) motion:

A new Doom shooter (née Doom 4) was first announced in 2008 but has since been rebooted to its current iteration and title. The first gameplay footage was revealed to attendees at last year's QuakeCon but was not shown to the rest of the world (the live stream didn't air the footage) — we did, however, get a stylish CG teaser. There's no release date yet for the new Doom, but it will reportedly launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

And now to appreciate how far we've come, here's the super shotgun and Revenant demon as seen two decades ago: