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Games may be coming to Facebook Messenger

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You may eventually be able to play games over Facebook Messenger. According to The Information, Facebook has confirmed that it's speaking with developers about creating games that work within Messenger and live inside of its app store. It sounds as though Facebook's plans for games are still at an early stage, with major decisions on how they actually work yet to be made. Still, the idea is an interesting one — people already have their social network established over Messenger, which could make it an easy way to play casual games.

Facebook began allowing third parties to tap into Messenger back in March, but the partners so far have largely been about adding new images — be it GIFs, stickers, or drawings — into chats. The Information reports that games are being viewed as a way to get more engagement and more revenue, as traction apparently hasn't been great for the initial round of apps. Details are still light about the gaming initiative, and Facebook is reportedly yet to even decide whether the games will live inside of Messenger or simply use Messenger as a way to link players together.