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Sonos launches $349 starter pack that bundles two Play:1 speakers together

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One of the best aspects of a Sonos audio system is its ability to synchronize music throughout your house — or play something different in each room. The company's top-notch software and impressive speakers have made Sonos the runaway leader in multi-room audio, but until now you've had to buy every speaker individually. And if you've only got one, you're not really using Sonos to its full potential. Today, streaming music in multiple rooms is getting (slightly) more affordable. Sonos has introduced a new $349 "2 Room Starter Set" that packages two Play:1 speakers together. Normally that would cost you $399, so you're saving a bit by going in for two at once.

The bundle is available in black or white and is shipping now from Sonos and its retail partners like Amazon and Best Buy. Of course, no one says you have to place these in different rooms; putting two Play:1s together can create a richer stereo experience that's closer to the company's more expensive Play:3 and Play:5 speakers. Sonos is also working to refine the Play:1's audio quality with an upcoming firmware update that's available now in beta.