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Microsoft celebrates 25 years of Solitaire with a tournament

Microsoft celebrates 25 years of Solitaire with a tournament


Prepare for a nostalgic battle

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Solitaire is experiencing a slight renaissance at Microsoft. After bringing back the popular title as a built-in Windows 10 game, Microsoft now celebrating 25 years of Solitaire with two tournaments. The first is an internal competition at Microsoft to find the best player inside the company. Employees at Microsoft are free to stop pretending they’re working on spreadsheets and secretly playing Solitaire, and can actually play with co-workers in a competition from their desktop.

Once Microsoft has found the Solitaire professionals within its own ranks, it’s time for Microsoft’s army to take on the public. Microsoft is hosting a head-to-head battle with public players starting June 5th, within the game itself. There are little details on what the winner will receive, but at the very least we hope it’s something special for 25 years of office time wasting and card fun. You can download the Solitaire collection for Windows 8 or Windows 8 today and get some early practice in, ready for when Microsoft announces details on how to enter for the June tournament.