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These are the first images from the Warcraft movie

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The Warcraft movie has quietly been in production for a couple years now, and today we're finally getting a first look at it. Over at Wired, Legendary Pictures debuted the first two images from the movie: a still and a close-up character model, both depicting one of the film's lead characters. That character, an orc played by former True Blood actor Robert Kazinsky, is basically a CG monster created by Industrial Light and Magic. It looks good, but it also looks like a digital creation, which is only ever so exciting. (After seeing Mad Max this weekend, hopefully everyone will remember just how wonderful practical effects can be.) Warcraft will be out on June 10th, 2016, with Legendary and Universal Pictures positioning the movie as a big summer blockbuster.

Correction: Warcraft is being released by Universal Pictures. An early version of this story stated that the photos came from Lionsgate.