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Judge rejects plan to release Hillary Clinton's private emails in 2016

Judge rejects plan to release Hillary Clinton's private emails in 2016


The State Department says it's in the process of reviewing the documents

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton's use of a private email account has raised many transparency concerns — and at least a few lawsuits. After news broke, outlets filed Freedom of Information Act lawsuits to quickly obtain the emails, and in response to one, the State Department proposed a date for the documents' release: January 15th, 2016. But a judge has rejected that plan, instead ordering the department to release emails as they become available.

Vice News sued the State Department for the emails and other documents, and on Monday, the department proposed the date in a court filing. The department said the records were "voluminous, and due to the breadth of topics, the nature of the communications, and the interests of several agencies, [they present] several challenges," but that it is preparing to launch a website dedicated to hosting the 55,000 pages of emails. Instead, according to Vice, the judge ruled on Tuesday that the emails must be released on a rolling basis, first to media involved in the lawsuits and then to the public.

The email scandal has already become a major issue in Clinton's run for president, and the scrutiny of the emails will likely only increase: a January 15th release would come just a couple weeks before the Iowa caucuses.

Update, 1:55PM ET: Updated to include information on judge's ruling against proposed release timeline.