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Samsung's Flow app lets you transfer what you’re doing across devices

Samsung's Flow app lets you transfer what you’re doing across devices

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Samsung is making it easier to move between its different devices throughout the day. To do that, it's today releasing an app called Flow, which is essentially Samsung's answer to Apple's Continuity feature: a tool that lets you easily set down your phone and pick up what you were doing on your tablet, or vice versa. Unlike Continuity, you have to specifically tell Flow what activity you want to transfer and where you want to pick it up, but that doesn't necessarily make it less seamless — in some cases, it might be preferable to actually tell your device when you're interested in transferring something.

Flow still needs to add support for a lot more devices

Once Flow is set up on a group of Samsung devices, it's activated through either the Android share button or, in some apps, a dedicated Flow button. It'll ask which nearby Samsung device the activity should be sent to, and then — at least, according to Samsung's video — it'll pop up on that device pretty much immediately. Samsung says it should work with most apps since it's just tapping into the share button, but developers that want to specifically support it can allow activities to resume in specific ways. This gets more interesting for features like video chat, where it appears that you could actually move a call over to a different device without interruption.

Flow's other big feature is sort of like a save-it-later button for anything and everything. It doesn't appear to actually save the content, but it does allow you to basically bookmark what you were doing in an app and pick it back up later. Additional features are supposed to come to Flow in the future, too. Those include the ability to synchronize notifications and mirror apps. From its earlier video, it appears that Samsung eventually wants to make this work on the desktop, too.

The app is said to be in a beta for now, and it only supports a handful of the most recent Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S5, S6, and S6 Edge, as well as the Note 4 and Note Edge. For now, the Galaxy Tab S is the only supported tablet. Flow is also limited to the US, for now, during what samsung calls the "initial phase" of the beta. That clearly limits the app — especially given the lack of wide tablet support — but it's an important feature that should eventually make Samsung devices friendlier to use.