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Apple releases first software update for Apple Watch

Apple releases first software update for Apple Watch


Watch OS 1.0.1 promises improved performance and fitness fixes

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Apple has just released the first post-launch software update for Apple Watch. Version 1.0.1 of Watch OS, the smartwatch's operating system, contains mostly bug fixes and performance improvements. Apple says that improvements have been made to Siri, accessibility, and third-party apps. That last part could be important, as third-party apps have proven very sluggish since the Apple Watch first shipped on April 24th.

Apple is also working to further optimize the Watch's health and fitness features. Watch OS 1.0.1 makes improvements to how the device measures your standing activity and calculates calories burned during indoor cycling and rowing activities. It also should result in more accurate pace and distance data for outdoor runs and walks, according to Apple's release notes. You can install the new update by opening up the Apple Watch app on iOS, tapping the General tab, and then picking Software Update. You'll need to have the Watch connected to its charging cable (and near your iPhone) to install new updates. Apple has outlined how the process works here.