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Instagram introduces Layout app on Android for making better collages

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Instagram is getting a new creative tool as well

Layout, an app for making photo collages that Instagram introduced on iOS in March, is now available for Android. The app, which can be downloaded here, arrays your photos in a variety of grids. It's meant to capitalize on the fact that about one in five Instagram users regularly post collages to their accounts, according to the company.

Where most third-party collage apps present you with a variety of grids and ask you to fill them in with photos, Layout starts by asking you to select a few photos and then suggests a variety of grids for you based on how many photos you picked. It's unclear how popular Layout has been on iOS, but it fits with Facebook's strategy of releasing focused, single-purpose tools for its various services.

layout android

Along with Layout, Instagram released another new feature today for Android users: "structure," a new creative tool meant to bring out "textures and details" from photos, according to the company. Instagram for Android is available here.