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Google's standalone Photos service is reportedly almost here

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For some time now, Google has been working to split off its terrific photo backup and enhancement service from the rest Google+, and it sounds like the fully standalone version of Google Photos is nearly ready. Bloomberg is reporting that the company is making final preparations to unveil the new product, and the upcoming I/O conference keynote seems like a perfect venue for the big reveal.

The existing photo service has long been one of Google+'s biggest draws. It allows for unlimited photo uploads (so long as you don't mind a max width of 2048 pixels) and can automatically apply effects to your shots or turn a sequence of them into a GIF without any effort on your part. Like similar services from Flickr and Amazon, Google also offers free backup of your smartphone's camera roll. And since it's finally being divorced from Google+, the revised Photos service will allow for easier posting of your images directly to Facebook and Twitter, according to the report. Google's Sundar Pichai all but confirmed the plan to liberate Photos back in February, and it's likely he'll have far more to say on the subject when Google's I/O presentation kicks off on May 28th at 12:30PM ET.