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New Chrome extension lets you share links with sounds

New Chrome extension lets you share links with sounds

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Adding to an already long list of neat services you probably never use, Google just released a new experimental Chrome extension called Google Tone. With Tone, rather than share links over instant message or email, you can delight or infuriate your coworkers by sharing links with sound.

The extension is simple but effective. Users need only install Tone and click the blue icon in the corner of their browsers to send a message. The app will make a few beeps and boops, and other computers with Tone installed will receive a notification, complete with the original user's Google profile picture. However, the app isn't without its limitations. In our tests, not every Tone went through, and YouTube Tones surprisingly couldn't be interpreted at all. Of course, for an extension that was built in an afternoon, that it works at all is pretty impressive on its own.

You'll probably strain to use Google Tone in everyday life

However, you may strain to find may use cases for Tone in everyday life. Instant messaging is ubiquitous, and apps like Slack are robust enough as to make most other services superfluous. Google says that it's ideal for small groups, and families might get the most mileage out of the it, but for now it's a great way to bug friends.