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This Netflix redesign ditches the spinning carousel, and it's great

This Netflix redesign ditches the spinning carousel, and it's great

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Some lucky test subjects are currently seeing a new version of Netflix's web user interface that makes the streaming service a lot easier to use. Where the standard web UI makes it difficult to select specific episodes and uses an incredibly slow auto-spinning carousel, the new design lets users expand shows and movies for more details, cycle through stills taken from their running times, and — most importantly — ditches the annoying carousel.

The new UI has only appeared for a small number of users

People with access to the new interface now need to click to cycle through selections in Netflix's categories, speeding up browsing and cutting down on accidental misclicks. With Netflix's standard web UI, users need to hover their cursors over a show in order to select specific episodes. With the new interface, clicking on a show or movie will expand it into a space below, offering cast, episode, and other information without having to load another menu.


The changes make Netflix's web interface feel like an even sleeker version of its tablet UI, trimming down on the irritations present in both versions and making it easier to sift through the service's reams of video. Sadly, the new UI has only appeared for a handful of people so far, and the streaming service hasn't confirmed when — or if — it'll be rolling out for everyone.