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Spotify announces new playlists for different parts of your day

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During today's Spotify event, user experience head Rochelle King took the stage to describe how Spotify has improved its playlists and discovery features, tailored to what you do everyday. The new feature seems to resemble Songza and Spotify's own Browse feature, but for what you're doing in a particular moment. King herself highlighted such playlists like "Songs to Sing in the Shower" and others as simple as "Early Morning." Setting itself apart from the competition, however, each playlist will also be dynamic, learning what you like based on what you listen to as well as tracked curated by the company's in-house experts.

Spotify is clearly growing to meet the competition. In addition to its new playlists, Spotify is branching out into exclusive, original content, and teamed with Nike for the new Spotify Running feature. All this ought to help it contend with the likes of Apple and Tidal in the months ahead. The update with all its attendant features will drop later on today.