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iPhones and Macs will reportedly switch to the same font as Apple Watch

iPhones and Macs will reportedly switch to the same font as Apple Watch


San Francisco is going everywhere

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After running with a new system font (Helvetica Neue) in OS X Yosemite just last year, Apple is apparently poised to change the default typeface yet again. 9to5Mac reports that the company plans to bring its San Francisco font, which was built in-house specifically for the Apple Watch, to iOS devices and Macs. The change will come with the latest major updates to both operating systems: iOS 9 and OS X 10.11. We expect to see Apple preview the two software revisions at its WWDC keynote on June 8th. Helvetica Neue has also been the default system font for iOS ever since the mobile OS received a dramatic redesign with iOS 7.

This isn't the first time that San Francisco, which Apple designed with a focus on legibility, has moved beyond the Apple Watch. It's also used on the latest MacBook's keyboard. San Francisco is meant to "maintain clarity and legibility" regardless of the size it's scaled to. The visual overhaul of OS X that debuted with Yosemite has generally been well received, but Apple has been criticized for putting looks over usability with the move to Helvetica Neue. It's a great typeface, but it can also be an eye strain if you're not using one of the company's sharp Retina displays. 9to5Mac cautions that plans to bring everything over to San Francisco may be canceled prior to the WWDC event.

Apple's San Francisco font is printed on the new MacBook's keys.