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New miniseries from The Wire creator David Simon coming to HBO in August

New miniseries from The Wire creator David Simon coming to HBO in August

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Here's what HBO will have for you to watch once this season of Game of Thrones is over: a new miniseries from The Wire creator David Simon that's filled with a cast of incredible actors. The new series, called Show Me a Hero, is about Yonkers, New York in the 1980s as the city's white residents lash out against a federal order for the city to build low-income housing. It's based on a nonfiction book by former New York Times journalist Lisa Belkin, who reported on these events for the paper.

Are we over Crash now?

The miniseries, which will run for six episodes, has Oscar Isaac starring as the mayor of Yonkers. Catherine Keener, Alfred Molina, and Winona Ryder also have roles. To top that off, it's all directed by Paul Haggis, which, considering the subject matter, is either a very good or very bad thing depending on what you think of Crash. Simon co-wrote the episodes with William F. Zorzi, who worked with him on The Wire.

Show Me a Hero sounds like it should give Simon another chance to focus on the type of big social issues that viewers love to see him dig into. Racist housing policies around that time led to deep (and ongoing) issues with segregation and poverty, and this series appears to be looking at what happened when a court tried to put an end to some of them. The show will premiere on August 16th and continue every Sunday.