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Some new Spotify features are excluded from T-Mobile's Music Freedom

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Videos will be counted toward customer data usage

When Spotify unveiled its redesign and expanded feature set earlier today (which now includes podcast audio and video clips), one question was whether those additions would fall under T-Mobile's Music Freedom. The appealing Uncarrier perk doesn't count data consumed by popular streaming music services toward your monthly data plan. But a T-Mobile spokesperson just confirmed directly to The Verge that Music Freedom, perhaps non-surprisingly, applies strictly to audio streaming.

"Non-audio content is not part of Music Freedom," is the company's official line regarding Spotify's latest features. So it sounds like podcasts may be covered, but the second you start watching any video clips from Comedy Central, ESPN, and other new Spotify partners, that activity will be counted toward your data usage.

If you're wondering how T-Mobile figures out what Spotify's data traffic is being used for, here's what company tells us:

We distinguish the data traffic for Spotify (and all Music Freedom services) as all data flowing through these app comes from HTTP or HTTPS sources.  All of the apps we whitelist for Music Freedom have multiple sources for various medias and we identify and whitelist only the audio sources.

So the Uncarrier is very much able to tell whether you're simply playing a song or podcast versus watching a video stream. For now, T-Mobile isn't giving any indication that it will change this policy to accommodate Spotify, which could raise more complaints over net neutrality and the company's picking and choosing of which data doesn't impact your plan.

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