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Jack White wants you to pay for Tidal because rich people need money too

Jack White wants you to pay for Tidal because rich people need money too

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In a post from musician and Tidal backer Jack White's label, Third Man records, it appears musician Jack White has interviewed musician Jack White to answer the question everyone is asking: Is Tidal _____? Thankfully, sad man Jack White (pictured above, throwing a sad baseball) has answers.

Here are some highlights from a Q&A session White had with alleged fans:

Will smaller artists be treated more fairly with Tidal than, say, Spotify?

Jack: Damn straight. I'm aiming to get unknown artists paid so that they can make more music.

And the first question goes directly at Spotify. No big surprise there, considering Spotify is Tidal's nemesis. (I mean it's not like the labels are really the ones sucking up all that streaming money.) So how will Tidal actually address artists getting paid?

Can you tell us more about Tidal?

Jack: Tidal is going to help a lot of artists out. I'm talking about the punk band that has 50k hits on YouTube and doesn't see a dime.

Thank you for the generic layup question, Jack White fan person. Tidal sounds great! People who hate it must be wrong.

I think Tidal is a noble cause, I don't understand the backlash that it's getting.

Jack: There's a lot of misinformation about music in the last decade, people know that it costs a lot of money to make a super hero movie, but they don't know that it costs millions to make a country album too.


Jack, I truly believe Tidal will change music in 21st century... for the sake of music Jack, did all the artists from Tidal get along?
Jack: Yes we did. We spent all last night talking and discussing ways to make it very cool.

If only Spotify would have a chill talk sesh with artists, then maybe it could be cool! They'd have to spend all night discussing ways to make it very cool, though. But why aren't small artists making any money, Jack?

Tidal is a bit elitist to be talking about the little guy in the music industry, no?

Jack: What is elitist about it? Who's speaking for the little guy?
Jack, it's because everyone has gotten used to free and cheap.

Jack: Should movies be free too? How about food?

Guacamole definitely shouldn't be free. Don't ask Jack again.

I totally understanding wanting to help out smaller artists. My musician buddies are all struggling.

Jack: But also bigger artists, medium artists, whatever.

Please save the bigger, and medium, and whatever artists. Here are a few big artists you should consider supporting by signing up for a Tidal account immediately.

Tidal owners Jay Z and Beyoncé, looking desperate. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Kanye West, struggling to enjoy a fashion show. (Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images)

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deadmau5 looking sad in his clunker Ferrari.

Metallica frontman James Hetfield, a spiritual supporter of Tidal who must resort to bargain hunting thanks to Napster, the spiritual predecessor of Spotify.