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This Taylor Swift cartoon is better than her new music video

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Sorry, haters

Taylor Swift's Grammy-winning single "Shake it Off" had an incredibly weird music video to begin with — notably featuring Swift "surfbort"-ing in Swan Lake get-up and improvising her own stilted impression of twerking. But her damn-near irresistible charm (and scientifically tested hooks) eventually won viewers (read: me) over. The fourth most-watched video of 2014 has, at time of publish, over 808 million views on VEVO.

Now the video has been redone with 2,767 rotoscoped frames that imagine Swift as a humanoid octopus one minute and Marilyn Monroe the next. Striking realistic visuals are intercut with abstract ones, a comic book strip lives comfortably next to what looks like one of the original iPod commercials, and in the end, everyone is dead.

Taylor Swift

Forty-nine students in the design program at the University of Newcastle were each assigned 52 frames of the modern classic, and their efforts were combined into the seamless remake. You know, sort of like when 18 celebrities were each assigned 4 seconds of a real Taylor Swift video. Only this time, everyone's a winner and no one is Lucky Fiori.

Taylor Swift