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Will we ever stop making ridiculous water toys? Never, says this electric wakeboard

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Nobody messes about in a boat any more

The number of over-the-top water gadgets that have been designed in recent years really shouldn't come as much of a surprise. After all, landing on water doesn't hurt as much as landing on concrete, so why not get a little crazy out there?

The spate of recent products — can we call them aquatic rideables? Is that silly enough? — include electric-powered surfboardssingle-person dolphin-shaped submarineswater-jet-powered moon boots, and now this: an electric, jet-powered wakeboard that manages to look relatively conservative next to some of the more ostentatious toys on the market.

It's called the Wakejet Cruise, and it's available to pre-order right now, with the first batch of products set to be delivered in September this year. Its creator — Swedish company Radinn — says it combines "the agility and speed of wakeboarding with the freedom of surfing," giving users the chance to scoot about on water without waves or wind.

An onboard battery can power its single jet for up to half an hour at full-throttle and recharges in 60 minutes, with a wireless controller held in one hand used to control the speed. Although the craft looks relatively sedate in the video above, its top speed is around 28 mph — the same pace as a Tour de France cyclist on flat terrain. Check out the video above for a more detailed look at the Wakejet.

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