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Watch David Letterman's final touching thank you and goodbye

Watch David Letterman's final touching thank you and goodbye


The Late Show with David Letterman ends with music from the Foo Fighters

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My introduction to David Letterman was a sleepy one. I was eight or nine, I believe, when the show started. My parents had loved Letterman's years hosting Late Night on NBC, and made the switch to CBS along with Letterman following the quarrel over The Tonight Show. Once in a blue moon, usually on a special Friday night or before a school holiday, they would toss some pillows on the living room floor, and I would watch Letterman do something wild as a I drifted off. Did he really throw watermelons off the roof of a New York City theater, or was that just a dream?

A fan of bookends, I guess, I managed to crash 10 minutes into the final episode of Late Show with David Letterman. Don't take that as a critique of the host's work; I fall asleep during everything after 10PM. The night before, I fell asleep in the garbage compactor scene of A New Hope.

But thanks to the internet, something the younger me didn't have, I watched the final segment this morning. It's a sincere and deliberate series of thank you's and goodbyes. Then Letterman throws to the Foo Fighters, for a song tweenage me would have appreciated.