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Sling TV now available on Nexus Player and other Android TV devices

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Dish's Sling TV can now be streamed on Google's Nexus Player and other devices shipping with Android TV. We first saw the internet TV service running on the Nexus Player back at CES, but clearly it's taken some time for Dish and Google to actually launch the app. Sling TV is already available on a slew of devices including iOS, Android, Xbox One, Roku, Fire TV, PC, and OS X. The over-the-top internet subscription service costs $20 per month for a base package of TV channels that includes ESPN, AMC, the Disney Channel, CNN, TBS, TNT, History Channel, and more. Extra channel bundles can be added on for $5 each, and Sling also now offers HBO subscriptions for a monthly fee of $15.

A free weeklong trial is available to new subscribers on Nexus Player, and if you've not yet purchased Google's set-top box, you can get a 50 percent discount on the hardware by pre-paying for three months of Sling TV. The Sling TV app can be downloaded from Android TV's Google Play Store.