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Watch Weird Al play Jesus in this silent film

Watch Weird Al play Jesus in this silent film


From a frequent director of The Simpsons

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Mark Kirkland has directed nearly 80 episodes of The Simpsons, which is supposedly more than anyone else who's worked on the show. He's also apparently a huge fan of classic, hand-cranked movie cameras, and he decided to make a short film that could actually put them to use. The result is The Moving Picture Co. 1914, a silent short that toured through film festivals last year and is now debuting online. It's about an aspiring actress visiting a movie studio, but as you'd imagine, things go awry and plenty of slapstick moments ensue. Notably among those is a scene where Weird Al, playing an actor playing Jesus in a reenactment of "The Last Supper," gets into a food fight. It's not quite The Artist, but it's a fun throwback to the works of Chaplin and Keaton.

The film can't be embedded, but you can watch it over at Kirkland's Vimeo page.