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In this alternate universe, the Transformers have destroyed movie history

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In our reality, the Transformers franchise has wreaked havoc on Hollywood for the better part of a decade, and it shows no signs of stopping. But imagine, if you will, a universe where every movie you know takes place in the same world... all until the Transformers come to ruin everyone's lives.

In this Funny or Die short, it's clear that the Autobots and Decepticons have been warring for generations. Of course, you knew that already. (Thanks, Beast Wars.) But you didn't know that, in this reality, the Titanic didn't sink. It got thrown ashore:

Titanic Transformers

Later, a simple Southern boy never gets to fulfill his destiny:

Forrest Transformers

Jordan Belfort is never brought to justice. Leonardo DiCaprio probably never wins an Oscar in this world either!

Leo Transformers

And Jerry Maguire never gets to say hello!

Tom Cruise Transformers

Not even nature is safe. When does it end?

Nature Transformers

The Transformers ruin everything. They must be stopped.