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This beautiful Mad Max poster is animated with oil paintings

This beautiful Mad Max poster is animated with oil paintings

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Mad Max is absolutely gorgeous, relying on sweeping shots of deserts and real vehicles to create its strange, post-apocalyptic world. But gorgeous as it may be, a fan-made poster manages to improve upon it — for at least a few frames. Artists Zachary Johnson and Ronen V put together a poster that animates scenes from the Mad Max trailer with oil paintings. Their style brings the brief animations alive in an incredible way, filling each frame with a ton of motion and a surprising amount of detail. The way each painting bleeds over the edge of its frame is a wonderful touch that definitely falls in line with the Mad Max vibe.


There's no way this look would make sense for the entirety of Mad Max, but it's hard not to wonder what it would be like to watch an entire film this way. Fortunately, Johnson happens to have made already a five-minute-long music video out of oil paintings. It took over 3,400 paintings in total, and it's a pretty incredible sight.

As for what an actual feature would look like this way? It seems pretty unlikely that we'd ever get to see one — even hand-drawn animation is becoming too costly and time consuming for most studios these days. But perhaps you could considered rotoscoped live-action films, like Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly, to be an idea of what you might get: an abstracted version of a recorded world. Even so, films like that can likely never touch the texture that Johnson and V bring to this poster.