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Google's Project Fi invites won't roll out to everyone til mid-summer

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Google has started sending invites out for its own MVNO phone service, Project Fi, but some people who've registered are going to have to wait a while longer. In an email sent out to users who'd indicated interest, Google warns that it may take until "mid-summer" for each request to be processed.

"We're sending invites as quickly as we can, while ensuring a high-quality experience," says the message. "Given the number of requests we've received, we currently estimate that it will take until mid-summer to get to everyone." Google also says it will roll out a way to start tracking your invite's status in the next few weeks.

Project Fi is a new phone service from Google that relies on Sprint and T-Mobile's networks for connectivity, hopping between the two carriers and Wi-Fi depending on signal. The main selling point is that you only pay for data that you actually use, but it's limited to just one phone right now — Google and Motorola's gargantuan Nexus 6.