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Listen to Drake and Beyoncé get slow 'n' brooding on leaked track 'Can I'

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This collaboration between Drake and Beyoncé leaked on Tumblr yesterday, and to be honest, we can't decide whether it's unfinished or just an incredibly sparse and moody track. Knowing Drake, we're betting on the latter. Thought to be a cut off his upcoming album Views From the 6, "Can I" sounds like a soon-to-be-ex-lover serving you a lavishly cooked banquet in bed that you know is poisoned but you eat anyway. "Before I turn the lights out, tell me who the fuck you wanna be?" asks Drake, passive aggressively.

Unfortunately, for people expecting a repeat of "Mine" — a Beyoncé ballad from 2013 which Drake appeared on — this isn't really much of a duet. Beyoncé's contribution comes mainly in the form of the words "can I" and "baby" repeated throughout the track with a metronome-like tick-tock quality. Yes, we love that she manages to pull off such a seductive mix of soothing and threatening, but we also could've done with a bit more, you know, vocals. See what you think and listen above via Okayplayer.

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