New trailers: Steve Jobs, Pan, Pixels, and more

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Last week was all about TV, this week is... kind of all over the place. It's mostly films, but the styles, genres, and tones are just wildly different. And while some of the films are big — like Steve Jobs and Pan — they're big in different ways than we've come to expect. No superheroes, no laser guns. Just big personalities. That makes watching through this week's best trailers a bit more fun than usual. There's 15 below and a lot of interesting ideas to check out.

Steve Jobs

It's hard to believe that this movie is already happening after how long it bounced around without finding a star or a director. The good news, of course, is that it ended up with Michael Fassbender and Danny Boyle. A first look at what they're making came out on Sunday, and it's a great start. Tech fans may take issue with some of the details, but it seems to be nailing the tone. It's out October 9th.


Pan looks like a huge and charismatic reimagining of the origins of Peter Pan. This trailer may be all over the place, but it at least looks like a swashbuckling, vibrant, fairy-tale adventure. It'll be in theaters October 9th.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

I remember the good ol' days... of like last year... when Maze Runner was actually about kids being trapped in a maze. Now the series is running into the Prison Break problem: they've escaped the maze... now they somehow have to wind up in another one. Instead of a maze, this film has them dealing with a post-apocalyptic city and shopping malls. Should this go down like Prison Break, they'll probably be back in a maze by next year. It'll be released on September 18th.


Pixels has such a great premise — that everyone's favorite retro game characters come to life — but it somehow goes so wrong. It looks like a movie based around the broad Adam Sandler and Kevin James comedy that we've come to expect, when it could have been a fun adventure with some classic characters. Still, here's hoping something interesting comes out of it. It's out July 24th.

Scream Queens

This looks like it should be pretty great. Scream Queens is like a horror version of Mean Girls: it's incredibly stylized, incredibly over the top, and there's a ton of comical murder. Also, Jaime Lee Curtis is involved and somehow Ariana Grande shows up. It starts on Fox this fall.

We Are Your Friends

I love/hate this trailer so, so much. But the first half, in particular, is amazing. This movie has Zac Efron playing a young DJ, but it's basically about life as a millennial, seeing the possibility of fame and success all around you, and having all of the tools to create something meaningful right at your fingertips. It's inherently indulgent and inherently trite. And this trailer just nails all of that in ways good and bad. It's out August 28th.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was easily the biggest hit of Sundance this year, and it'll make so much sense why when you see its trailer. It's emotional, it's quirky, and — yeah — it involves filmmaking. It's hard to tell on which side of the charming / overly quirky divide it lands on, but it's clear that a lot of people are really into this film. It's out June 12th.


Another Sundance hit, Dope's trailer comes with a ton of style and charisma that quickly explains why people have expressed so much love for the movie. It'll be out June 19th.

Batkid Begins

Could anything be more heartwarming than this? Batkid Begins documents how San Francisco transformed itself into Gotham City so that a five-year-old cancer survivor could live out his wish of being Batman. Sure, you probably saw all about this on the news. But that really doesn't make this movie look any less touching. It'll be out in select theaters starting June 26th.


Amy is getting warm reviews out of Cannes for its deep look at Amy Winehouse, the incredibly talented singer who died in 2011, at 27 years old. After watching this trailer, it's hard to not be interested in seeing more. It'll be out July 3rd.


I really love the look of this. Runoff's trailer paints it as a quiet and gorgeous look at a woman who's trying to keep a grasp on her farm as it starts to be taken away from her. The tone comes off as uncomfortable in such a great way, and I love how it's shot. The film opens on June 26th.

10,000 Km

This just looks wonderful. It's a movie about a long-distance relationship and what it's like to keep in touch over the internet. Webcams and Google Maps play a big role, and it all seems like it should add up to a very charming look at a uniquely modern relationship. It'll be in theaters and on-demand starting July 10th.

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

This isn't really a trailer — it's more of a proof of concept. But this teaser for The Last Black Man in San Francisco has rightfully been getting a ton of buzz this week, even though the movie hasn't entered production yet. The creators of it made this long trailer to give people an idea of what they're making, and they're running a campaign on Kickstarter for funds. They've nearly met the goal, and it's easy to see why people are so interested: it already seems like a sweet and smart look at life in San Francisco, particularly in the face of the city's growing economic and cultural divide. They're hoping to have it out next year.

A Very Murray Christmas

Sofia Coppola + Bill Murray + anything = yeah, we're excited.

Knock Knock

I wouldn't call this trailer one of the "best" this week, but it contains what will surely be a Keanu Reeves performance for the ages. Everything else looks remarkably bad.

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