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Apple reportedly wants to include live, local programming on its new TV service

Apple reportedly wants to include live, local programming on its new TV service


Not just a slim bundle of cable channels, but also your news and weather

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Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Apple is reportedly working on a streaming TV service that would rival recent offerings from Sony and Sling. Up until now, it seemed like it would include mostly premium cable channels like ESPN and HBO. But Recode is now reporting that Apple wants to include a live feed of local broadcast stations, something that may complicate the process and delay the launch.

Microsoft rolled out its Xbox-branded TV tuner just two days ago. It lets consumers watch live TV using an over the air antenna, but also enables you do some neat tricks, like pause live TV for up to 30 minutes, or snap TV into a smaller side screen while playing a video game.


According to Recode, Apple wants to take a different approach, figuring out a way to stream local broadcasting over the internet, instead of picking it up from the airwaves. This might require investment in new infrastructure from local affiliates, which could prove tricky since these are semi-autonomous franchises.

Adding live and local programming could go a long way toward making the over-the-top service Apple offers the primary portal for entertainment in the living room. Instead of flipping back and forth between different inputs, people would be able to find everything in one place. More interestingly, if the deal does work out, it would mean users might be able to realize the dream Aereo was selling, access to broadcast television on any device, no matter where they are.