Play this crazy Pac-Man text adventure on the game's 35th anniversary

Play Pac-Man without graphics


Thirty-five years ago Pac-Man was released in arcades, rapidly becoming one of the greatest and oddest pop culture touchstones of its era. People got really excited about what looked like a half-eaten pie taking pills. You could celebrate this anniversary by singing the unofficial Pac-Man song, playing the original game in your browser, or watching the trailer for that Adam Sandler Pixels movie. Some of those options are surely better than others.

I celebrated by making a text adventure inspired by Pac-Man. I think you might enjoy it. It has highs and lows and multiple endings — nothing like the original Pac-Man. I guess you could say my game is even better. You could say that, but you shouldn't.

However you choose to mark this occasion, just remember one thing: Ms. Pac-Man is a superior game.