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Mario Kart: Fury Road is the best Mad Max mash-up yet

Mario Kart: Fury Road is the best Mad Max mash-up yet

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The ridiculously fun new version of Mad Max has only been in theaters for a week, but the hot takes, memes, and mash-ups are already popping up with a fury. Mad Max met The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, MRAs threw a fit, and we even made a parody of our own by placing the oily hunks of Magic Mike: XXL alongside the dystopian future of Fury Road in Mad Mike: XXL.

It's time to add one more to that list. Above you see Mario Kart: Fury Road, a mash-up between the George Miller movie and everyone's favorite polygonal go-kart racing game. If you loved Mario Kart 64 as much as I did, it hits all the right notes: a flying blue shell takes out a lead car, there's a scene on Rainbow Road, and the sound effects — my god, the sound effects! Excuse me while I head home and blow some dust out of my Mario Kart cartridge.

Parodies all the way down

I'll admit, it's tiresome when parodies and memes get paraded around in the wake of new releases. But it's the world we live in now. Everything is a remix. It's content all the way down, folks. Remember, you do have a choice in the matter, but trust me — this one is worth your time, because it's probably the best piece of Mad Max side-content we've seen. (An aside, I'm coining "side-content" here.)

As parodies and mash-ups go, it's also at the complete opposite end of the spectrum from, say, this acid trip Jurassic World video from earlier this year. It basically demands you watch it a second time (and probably a third or fourth) to catch all the subtle references. Give it a few spins, and then go start up a Special Cup — 150cc, obviously.

Correction: This article originally referred to Mad Max: Fury Road as a reboot. It is technically a sequel.