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Pac-Man's famous glitch is a main character in this new game

Pac-Man's famous glitch is a main character in this new game

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One of the most famous glitches in gaming history is getting its very own video game. Pac-Man's level 256 glitch is returning as a "menacing supervillain" in a new mobile game from the makers of Crossy Road. The game will see you control Pac-Man as he seeks to eat as many dots, fruits, and ghosts as possible while avoiding his inevitable doom, the glitch. A storm of broken characters and symbols represent the iconic glitch as it ceaselessly chases down the yellow-hued hero.

Fear the glitch

Back in the ‘80s, Pac-Man's killscreen bug prematurely ended marathon gaming sessions without discrimination. An error in the arcade game's code caused half of the screen to "glitch" with garbled text after progressing to the 256th level. Only the very best could even make it that far (it takes hours of gaming to get to that level), but the glitch made the game unplayable and prevented further progress.

The new mobile game is fittingly called Pac-Man 256, and it's being made by developers Hipster Whale in partnership with Bandai Namco. From the little peek we're getting this week (just in time for Pac-Man's 35th anniversary), it looks like the game shares a bit in common with Hipster Whale's Frogger-inspired game, Crossy Road. Like that title, Pac-Man 256 will be free-to-play when it comes out later this summer on iOS.