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'I am Iron Man,' says new Avengers-branded Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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In the titanic struggle that threatens to change the face of our planet forever — the smartphone fanboy wars — Tony Stark has chosen a side. Samsung has co-opted Stark's Iron Man mask and color scheme, using both on a new limited edition version of its Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone. The model, which comes as part of a long-running tie-in between Samsung and Marvel for its Avengers movies, also comes with a wireless charging pad made to look like one of Stark's arc reactors.

Iron Man is a good superhero selection for Samsung's smartphone. Both the Galaxy S6 Edge and Tony Stark are stylish, flashy, and have access to more technology than they really know what to do with. In Tony's case, he advances on his findings to unshackle humanity from its reliance on fossil fuels, eventually building a gaggle of superpowered suits that can fly on their own. In Samsung's case, it makes the edges of your phone slightly curved.

Iron Man's face appears on the back side of the device, his high "eyebrows" and downturned mouth giving him a look of glum surprise. Perhaps he's sad because he had to fight his friend, Bruce Banner, in Avengers: Age of Ultron — or maybe he's just upset because you keep resting your fingers on his mask to hold your new phone. Either way, chances are you won't be able to get your hands on the Avengers-themed S6 Edge without importing it, as it's currently only slated for release in South Korea, Hong Kong, and China.