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See one large spoiler in motion on the set of Suicide Squad

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Caution: reading beyond this graf will may spoil a key part of DC's upcoming Suicide Squad — at least until the trailer spoils it months from now. It's nothing too surprising, to be honest, but we don't want you to come into this unprepared. Cool? Cool.

The Suicide Squad set has been pretty heavy on leaks — the production is currently in Toronto, and from the looks of certain Instagram tags, it's a pretty public set. That's how we have some strikingly clean video of the Batmobile in motion, as collated by Latino Review, which means there's a very good chance the Batmobile's registered owner will pop up. (Again, it's not terribly surprising — the actual Suicide Squad is full of famous Batman villains, and the film lives in this ever-expanding DC cinematic universe, but Bat's actual presence has so far not been officially announced.)

Must be tough to parallel park this bad boy #Batmobile #Batman #Toronto #SuicideSquad #DC

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And the back! #Batmobile #SuicideSquad #Toronto #DC #Batman

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It isn't quite the same Batmobile that Batman v. Superman director Zack Snyder revealed this past September — no turret up front, for example — but ol' Bat's been known to tinker around and build extras for everything. Speaking of, there's no visual confirmation of Batfleck himself, so we're hesitant to say Bruce Wayne was behind the wheel. That said, the Joker — most likely to steal Batman's things, if you ask us — seems to be on set with his own ride.

#ludicrousspeed #Joker #SuicideSquad #Toronto @leftbutton @aliciakristin

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If you've made it this far, let's talk about how bad the Batmobile is at turning. So much drift, so much wasted time:

Action! #Batmobile #SuicideSquad #Toronto #DC

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