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What you need to know about space travel

What you need to know about space travel


The final frontier

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I want to visit space before I die. I have no practical reason to do so. I just want to. Surely I'm not alone. There's something about the concept of space exploration that I pine to achieve. Which is a little silly, considering I haven't seen most of the planet I live on. And that I am not a scientist and I wouldn't really be achieving much on my trip. Still, I look up at night, and there waits space.

I invited The Verge's Science Editor and space expert Elizabeth Lopatto to provide odds on my tentative trip to space. Liz has an astonishing grasp on the history and science of space travel. Her recounting of humanity's efforts to see what is beyond this planet is inspiring. This was one of my favorite episodes to record, and I hope it's one of your favorites to hear.

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