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Bill Nye wants you to stop looking for signs the universe cares about your problems

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It doesn't

While Neil deGrasse Tyson is surely somewhere in space right now, exploring the vast wonders of the universe, friend and fellow scientist Bill Nye took off into the void recently to prove that the cosmos, in all its untold glory, really does care about you and your insufferable friends at SoulCycle. It's either that or we should just stop pretending it does.

In a new skit on Inside Amy Schumer, Nye appears on his own Spaceship of the Imagination to show that the universe, which we once believed was a chaotic collection of matter whose size can scarcely be comprehended, really exists to send cosmic guidance to yogurt-loving white women in their 20s. Can you imagine? It's as crazy and inspirational as to make, in Nye's words, "no fucking sense. I mean, that's just bullshit." Words to take to heart, friends.