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    The Verge and Recode are joining forces

    The Verge and Recode are joining forces



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    I'm excited to announce that The Verge's parent company Vox Media is acquiring Recode, the terrific tech business news site and conference business founded by Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg just over a year ago.

    This is going to be fun.

    If you've been following The Verge over the past year, you've noticed that we've aggressively expanded our coverage from tech to entertainment, science, and now transportation. That bet worked: The Verge is now bigger and more popular than ever. Over 24.5 million people visited the site in April, a 33 percent increase from last year, and we're delivering 40 million video streams a month.

    But along the way, we made a big decision: The Verge is not a business site.

    The Verge is for everyone

    The Verge is for people interested in understanding the exciting and bewildering everyday changes of the future. It's for all of us trying to figure out how we should live and act and behave in this enchanting new world of screens. It's for people wondering what to spend their money on — and for people thinking about how spending that money affects everyone else around them. It's for knowing about trends and ideas across technology and culture first. It's about art and science coming together to spark one of the fastest eras of change in history. The Verge is for understanding life on the cutting edge.

    The Verge is for everyone.

    So when the opportunity to work more closely with Recode arrived, it made perfect sense: Recode covers the business of technology better than any other publication in the world. Kara and Walt have built a juggernaut of reporting talent and an unparallelled conference series designed for business leaders and executives, and the competition isn't even close. Bringing Recode into the Vox Media fold means that The Verge can remain focused on being the best mainstream technology and lifestyle site in the world, and Recode can dig even deeper into how the money and business of technology works. Recode will maintain its site and branding, but over time we'll work hard to find as many ways to work together as possible.

    Recode's awesome reviews team is joining The Verge

    We are making one change, though: Recode's tremendous reviews team of Lauren Goode, Katie Boehret, and Bonnie Cha will join the Verge staff, and Walt Mossberg will be writing reviews and columns for both sites. It's an exciting expansion of our already best-in-the-business tech news and reviews team, and I can't wait to see what they do with The Verge's incredible platform and resources.

    And that's all just the start. We're also increasing our overall investment in The Verge, and setting the stage to grow even bigger across the multiple platforms our audience finds us on every day. We've just hired new entertainment, science, and app reporters, and we are about to begin aggressively hiring transportation reporters. The incredible Verge Video team will double in size over the next few months. And we will continue hiring across The Verge as the year continues. It's going to be an insane ride.

    Here we go.