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The first trailer for the Point Break remake shows silly stunts and a sillier script

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The bank-robbing antagonists of the original Point Break were a gang of surfers — sufficiently extreme for the '90s, perhaps, but obviously not wild enough for the upcoming remake. 2015's Point Break's villains are surfers, sure, but as the first trailer shows, they're also dirtbikers, snowboarders, wingsuiters, BASE jumpers, and partiers. Just in case you weren't convinced of their extreme-itude, some of them have even have tattoos.

On first glance, the remake appears to have lost something of the original's silliness, giving the death-defying proceedings a cold blue sheen that makes the movie look like a version of Twilight on motorbikes. But even from two-and-a-half-minutes of action, it's clear the script remains as ludicrous as ever. While we're yet to see Johnny Utah — played by Australian Luke Bracey — fire his gun at the sky while screaming, he does get to deliver lines like "I believe that like me, these people are extreme athletes, using their skills to disrupt the international financial markets."

The best quip of the trailer goes to charismatic gang leader Bodhi, though, who in response to being asked how many laws he's broken, gets to say "the only law that matters is gravity" while falling backwards off a waterfall. As Keanu would say — "dude..."