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Confused by the FIFA corruption news? John Oliver explained it last year

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If you only pay attention to soccer once every four years for the World Cup, then this morning's news that a number of FIFA officials have been arrested on corruption charges might not strike you as interesting. However, to those with a passing interest in the world's most popular sport, this is very much a Big Deal. To get an idea of how long these arrests have been coming and just how corrupt FIFA is, it's best to watch John Oliver's rant on the subject from this time last year. "FIFA is a comically grotesque organization," Oliver says. "In fact, telling someone about the inner workings of FIFA for the first time is a bit like showing someone 2 Girls 1 Cup. You do it mainly so you can watch the horrified expressions on peoples' faces." Have at it.

SB Nation presents: FIFA's B.S. corruption press release, explained