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LG's G4 is now available in the US

LG's G4 is now available in the US


T-Mobile is giving early buyers a free 128GB microSD card

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The phone for Android diehards is now available from the Uncarrier. T-Mobile today launched online sales of the LG G4, pricing it at $599.76 outright or $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $24.99. The G4 is available in either metallic gray or brown leather — and apparently T-Mobile has an exclusive on the latter option among US carriers. Sprint will begin selling the G4 next week and will offer a black leather option, and US Cellular will also launch sales on June 4th.

AT&T will launch pre-sales at 12:01AM ET on May 29th, with in-store availability to follow on June 5th. The carrier is charging slightly more than its competitors for the G4 at a no-commitment price of $629.99. (The black leather variant demands its own premium at $669.99.) The traditional two-year contract will get you the metallic gray G4 for $199.99 or the leather option for $239.99. Verizon Wireless has not yet revealed their own release dates. T-Mobile says it will begin shipping online orders out immediately, which means early buyers will get a jump on those who prefer to buy in-store; the G4 will hit T-Mobile retail shops on June 3rd.

T-Mobile's putting that microSD slot to use

T-Mobile is also taking advantage of the fact that LG is still making phones with expandable storage. For a limited time, it's throwing in a free 128GB microSD card along with the G4. Add that to the 32GB of built-in storage and you come away with a pretty outrageous 160GB of space for your apps, games, music, photos, and everything else. Not bad. The extras package you get with Sprint and US Cellular is a bit different and includes a 32GB microSD card, spare battery, and a charging cradle.

With the G4, you're getting a terrific display, phenomenal camera, and the freedom to swap batteries or toss in more storage — two luxuries that the biggest Android manufacturers have all but abandoned. The only knocks on LG's G4 are the just-okay build quality and overwrought software, but next to Samsung's Galaxy S6, this is probably the second best Android smartphone you can buy.

Update May 28th, 10:15AM ET: Updated to reflect AT&T's availability information.