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Jenny Lewis makes a music video about her acting career, including Golden Girls

Jenny Lewis makes a music video about her acting career, including Golden Girls


A hard-won victory for stuff from the 1980s.

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Jenny Lewis has been arrested — for excessive display of the most glorious pantsuits known to humankind, I assume!

The former front woman of the cult-worshipped indie group Rilo Kiley, and star of this debatably over-acted Corn Pops commercial, has just released the music video for "She's Not Me," the second single off last year's critically acclaimed The Voyager. The video features Lewis and a dream team of buddies — Fred Armisen, Feist, Zosia Mamet, and Saturday Night Live's Vanessa Bayer — spoofing scenes from Lewis' prolific child acting career, including her guest spot on Golden Girls, the 1989 (trademark Taylor Swift) teen comedy Troop Beverly Hills, and late-'90s anti-old white dude parable Pleasantville.

Lewis, who directed the video herself, told Buzzfeed today, "The video is about former identities and incarnations of one's self. It's a super meta retrospective on my career." While this may be true, it's impossible to pretend that Lewis is unaware of the fact that her music exists in the age of the celebrity cameo and #throwbacks, and that her view counter lives in that world, too. These are the days of Iggy Azalea as Alicia Silverstone and Andrew Garfield showing up for Arcade Fire, and beautiful music videos don't "break the internet" like zany, cross-promotional, allusion-heavy ones do.

The gimmick is forgivable mainly because of this shot of Zosia Mamet, whose physical comedy chops have sat unused and rusty for the last three seasons of Girls:

Jenny Lewis

Enjoy a trip down Jenny's memory lane here:

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